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Acquaintance with your female to male baliness body Massage, during which we will caress you with hot towels, feathers, fur and fragrant oils. The long version also uses lava stones to relax tense muscles, includes relaxing head massage or reflex foot massage, long grips, buttock massage and Taoist excitement techniques. Do not include Yoni’s intimate massage. Suitable for first acquaintance with tantra massages in Delhi, and also as a gift.

Modern life demands that men are more labor output, responsibility, performance of the so-called male roles, so men today often live in a state of stress. Everyone needs a place where he could rest, relax, gain new energy and just stay a little longer himself. In our tantric temple you will receive the care and understanding, relax, will not worry about anything, will be able to focus on himself. Tantra and erotic massage in delhi offers you a new way to look at sexual arousal, is not the case, as is common in Western culture. Thanks to tantric techniques and affectionate treatment by masseuse Your excitement will be in waves rising and falling, you will feel it is not only in the groin, but also throughout the body. This is an exciting feeling fill you all, will make you forget about everyday problems. Treat yourself!

The main rule of the perfect lover – give the man what he needs. However, men are often reluctant to share with us the secret knowledge about the intricacies of their sexual nature, so that the act would have to empirically checking how your partner reacts to the affection of certain areas of the body.

Every Female is unique and unrepeatable, a universe unto itself made of emotions, thoughts and feelings. It ‘true that there are some things that unite us, such as the shapes of our bodies. We have identified five forms which, in broad terms, characterize the various female body types. The categories are: the rectangle, the triangle (also called “pear”), the inverted triangle (also called “Strawberry”), the hourglass and the oval (also called “apple” or “circle “).

The woman has oval round shapes in both the top and the bottom of the full body massage in Delhi. The shoulders the sides have the same width, but also the waist tends to be rounded. strength of women with this body type are the legs, which look slim and slender. Our advice is to aim at reducing the waist and abdomen, as well as to enhance the roundness of the hips.

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