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Massage has been named the Swedish and from it were eventually developed different styles most of which are still applicable. Sweden’s most famous massage make the typical long movements that glide muscles, but the best effect is achieved by combining light touch, rubbing, kneading, tapping and cherry body. It starts gently smoothing muscles to relax them, and then moves amplify and prepare the body for more procedures to deal with all parts of the body, starting with the feet.

Swedish massage many feel painful, as it actually is, but if you are able to adapt to each person’s pain can be avoided or at least reduced. The massage effect on the major muscle groups after a few treatments are free of tension, thereby improving the mobility of joints and therefore the normal operation of certain parts of the body. In addition, the body is handled accumulated toxins and other waste products, and refreshed with oxygen.

As each body massage in Delhi, and Swedish achieves better effects if it is in a pleasant, relaxing the ambient of the completed scents of various essential ulja. Already after the first treatment you will feel exceptional relaxation of the body and become you visit masseur usual monthly ritual, the body will restore lost flexibility and ease of movement.

Classic Swedish massage in Delhi is performed for 30 min & 60 min. Swedish massage therapy was developed by the Swedish doctor Couple Henrik Ling in the late 19th century, and involves the use of hands, forearms and elbows to work on the surface muscles. Swedish massage is performed with massage oil and massage the back. The massage improve the blood circulation in the body and thereby positively influence your mood and health, even your immune system in order to strengthen.

When most people say the massage, they thought the Swedish massage, because it is the most common form of massage that is practiced in the West. Spas, fitness clubs, and even beauty salons usually offer Swedish massage as one of its services.

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